Nadia is located in Perth, Western Australia. She moved to Perth WA from Aberdeen, Scotland in 1999. She takes a lot of inspiration from where she is from and places shes been and has become a multifaceted creator on different creative platforms. 

At 15 Nadia started a modelling career that changed over the years from cat walk and editorial to pin up and creative shoots. When starting out she worked the catwalk of many fashion shows including Perth fashion week, L’oreal, Maurice Meade as well as numerous local designers with shows held at the Hyatt, convention centre and other high end venues. She has been published many times in editorial shoots for magazines. This experience in front of the camera gave her the opportunity to work and learn from some of Perth and Australia’s leading photographers as well as hair and make up artists at the time.

Over time she went from in front of the camera to behind taking all the knowledge of the industry and using it to create content and images. Learning styling skills and the ways of the industry she can professionally and efficiently organize shoots and carry out the shoot or if needing something very specific can collaborate with photographers and models to create the required images for social media Marketing and Advertisement campaigns. As well as go and assess small business so she can re-haul their social media to get more interest in their business and present a more professional social media content with a better reach.

Nadia has a background in business after owning a Personal training business and online clothing store. Nadia studied a Bachelor of Business at Edith Cowan University. She is now Doing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in creative and professional writing at Edith Cowan University.  Which brings together her knowledge and experience across the board.

Now a  successful social media influencer and content creator. Nadia has created social media/ influencer content for big name companies such as Spotify, Tic Tac, Jamaica Blue, Purina One, Synergy, Woolworths and  Philadelphia to name a few. Have a look in content creator for examples of created content.

Nadia E Westbrook Creative blog has had many blog posts with diverse content that resonates to a broad audience. With a steady traffic flow to the blog this shows peoples interest in the blog pieces written so far. With more great content to come.

Photography started as a hobby but has now become a major passion. Nadia now uses a Canon 6D Mark ii with sigma art lenses for a range of shoots such as product photography, styling, portrait and creative shoots. Developing a diverse portfolio has seen her photography and editing skills expand exponentially. Photos and pricing under heading Photography.

Not one to be held back and push the boundaries in her creative talents Nadia is an aspiring writer in historical fiction/fantasy. Her first book is in the first draft stage and showing promise in its early stages. She will share work on the process and characters as she goes to give a taste of what is to come.

for more information in any of the creative fields Nadia covers or pricing please go to contact section under headers.