Writing Project

Currently I have a few writing projects on the go.

My General blog which is a mix of topics and ever changing.

New blog series Life’s a Journey is covering some of the most difficult times in my life that shaped me to become the strong resilient woman I have become. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are now live covering my pregnancy and emergency c section. I am writing the new blog series to share the nitty gritty parts of me that don’t normally come through on my social media that’s positive and upbeat. I believe that people need to share their truth as social media can give a false view into perfect lives that are not real and are completely unattainable.

A book of broken dreams – A book following the life of Brie a model from the slums of Edinburgh that now travels around the world for work with her bestie. Her whirl wind romance and the effect of domestic violence that can happen to anyone of any background.

This book comes from an untold place in me as I myself am a DV survivor. The book is fiction but is inspired from my own story and a combination of stories from other survivors I have read and people I have met that have shared their stories.

Untitled Historical fiction series – The series is in the early stages of book one with the world building and character development doing leaps and bounds every day to bring the characters to life on the pages. I am currently about 60,000 words into the first book. The time line for the series is mapped out. The time line is 839 – 843 in what becomes Scotland. It delves into the folklore, druids, royalty and vikings.

The main characters in the first book are:  Eilidh (pronounced Aylay) a changeling living with her human parents trying to figure out who she is.

Fionn: Eilidhs adopted brother that was found as a child half drowned on the riverbank after his druid village was burnt to the ground by magic hunters.

Kenneth: The nephew of the King of Dal Riata sent on royal missions, while his brother is constantly trying to keep him out of trouble.

Brannon: The son of the bear king that wants to unite all people magic and non magic.

Cook book (Satire) Basic Bitch recipes for the busy mum – A combination of  easy recipes with funny captions and photos.