Blogging has become very important in building my brand and sharing stories of my experiences. It is filled with varied content that resonates with a broader audience. I am breaking the rules of blogging by not just focusing on one particular niche. I choose to do this as I believe there is more than one topic or field of interest in our lives that make us who we are. Its the combination of things in our life that shape us as the people and professionals we are. At the end of the day we are all human and need to share and celebrate all the different aspects of our lives that make us unique.

Writing my blog is cathartic in a way that i’m breaking down walls and getting to know myself better by transferring my ideas to written words. In doing so it is also developing my skills as a writer to articulate and express myself in a  way that connects with my audience on a higher level.

Currently on my blog I have started a series called Life’s a Journey. With part 1 The Pregnancy now live on the home page. You can get to the home page by Clicking the page name Nadia E Westbrook Creative at the top of the page. There is several pieces in this series to come. It is written on a very personal level as these are some of the hardest most intimate moments in my life. I choose to share these as life is not all perfect photos and presenting a perfect life. On my pages filled with positive uplifting posts are some nitty gritty life experiences that made me the resilient and strong woman I am today. I share these for others that are currently going through or have gone through a similar experience. I want to empower others to know they arent alone and to never be afraid to reach out in those hard times. With the smoke and mirrors social media presents there is also an amazing community of support online available.

Nadia XoXo