My leap into blogging

What can I write? or what should I write for my first blog? I have been contemplating for months taking a leap of faith and starting my blog. My main issue was where do I start and what do I write about. I talked to friends and other social media people I have networked with and researched allot. The first piece of advice that always came out was have a niche, write and focus around one thing. Focusing on this advice took me away from the truth. No one focuses on just one thing in life. I have goals I want to work towards but no one is ever focused around just one at a time. Everyone is juggling so many things so lets start with what I am, I am a mother to my amazing, bubbly, kind and happy 3 year old daughter, I am an aspiring fantasy writer and blogger,I am a full time carer for my daughter as she has autism. I am also a social media Influencer on Instagram, I am an internationally published model, I am a university student in the last year of my bachelor of business majoring in management and sport management, I am a qualified personal trainer, I am a massive book reader etc I am so many things and these just name a few. So to pick one thing to focus on as a “niche”is insane in a world where we all juggle a million things and wear a lot of hats at once. My Instagram is filled with a mix of everything. So after long deliberation I would like to welcome you to my blog about my writing journey and life that happens inbetween. I hope you enjoy joining me on my writing journey as I develop as an author, blogger and a person in this busy world.



One thought on “My leap into blogging

  • Hi, I completely agree with you, my favourite bloggers are just themselves and write about whatever comes up.
    As a blogger, it is way more fun to be free that way too rather than box yourself off.
    I enjoyed reading your posts. I too am on a writing journey, a self realisation journey, and a travel journey, all kind of the same, definitely connected anyway! All the best, Rachel


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